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    Woman Entering Walk-in Tub in Durham, NC Bathroom

    Walk-in Tubs in Durham, NC

    It isn’t often that technology that is decades old sees a resurgence in popularity, but that’s precisely what has happened with walk-in tubs and homeowners in Durham, NC. You likely have questions about them, and our team at Luxury Bath is ready to help assist you.

    Luxury Bath is the sister company to HomeCraft Windows and focuses on making any bathroom the dream room that homeowners end up loving. Walk-in tubs have gained in popularity as more and more people are choosing to age in place rather than give up the home that they love and have lived in for many years.

    Contact us to learn more and find out if walk-in tubs are a good option for you.

    Benefits of Walk-in Tubs in Durham

    While walk-in tubs might have originated for use in commercial operations such as hospitals and other medical facilities, with the new materials available today they have made the move into residential spaces and offer the same benefits as those earlier models. Because walk-in tubs are taller than the traditional tub cousins, it allows people to sit on a stool or molded-in seat and still have the majority of their torso covered by water. This offers safety when using the tub for bathing or cleaning and maintaining balance.

    Many models also come with additional safety features built-in, such as grab bars, low step entry height, anti-slip flooring, as well as other design features that conform to ADA compliance. In some models, the user can also have hydrotherapy with water jets. The combination of warm water with gentle water massage can have positive therapeutic qualities that are hard to replicate in any other way.

    Aging In Place And Walk-in Tubs in Durham, NC

    Aging in place is the phrase that is catching on with older adults all over Durham, and this means that they are looking to stay where they are and are willing to make some modifications to their homes to do it. A common modification is swapping out their traditional tub for a walk-in tub model that offers a number of safety features. Your first call should be to Luxury Bath to speak with our experienced team and learn more about the different options when it comes to walk-in tubs.

    The community of Durham Station grew slowly before the Civil War but expanded rapidly following the war. Much of this growth was attributed to the establishment of a thriving tobacco industry. Veterans returned home after the war with an interest in acquiring more of the tobacco they had sampled in North Carolina. At the time of its incorporation by the General Assembly, Durham was located in Orange County. Durham’s manufacturing fortunes declined during the mid-20th century.