Composite Wood Windows

Composite Wood Windows

A better alternative to Wood Windows in North Carolina – Now offering 20% off!

Wood Window Alternative - Composite Wood Windows

A better wood window alternative!


We offer a wide range of composite wood windows, and they are the ideal solution for many discerning homeowners. They provide the best of both worlds, because composite wood windows offer all of the benefits of wood and vinyl and none of the negatives.

For years, people who prefer the look of wood windows were forced to make a very difficult choice. Yes, wood can blend into the architecture of your home and provide a warm aura, but the material comes with a number of pitfalls.

Wood windows are susceptible to rotting, and wood can warp and stain. Insects can feast on wood, and it can swell through constant exposure to moisture. There is also a lot of maintenance involved when you have wood windows because they have to be sanded and repainted every couple of years.

Won’t Fade, Blister, or Peel

Many people settle for vinyl windows as an alternative. There are none of the maintenance and degradation drawbacks, and vinyl windows are less expensive. However, homeowners that opt for vinyl sacrifice the natural, earthy look that wood windows provide. Now, there is a perfect solution available in the form of composite wood.

These windows deliver the classic wood window appearance, but they are made with propriety resins. You get all of the benefits that vinyl windows offer, because composite wood windows are maintenance free, they can never rot, and they are impervious to insects that are attracted to wood. However, they offer some advantages over vinyl windows. Energy efficiency is one of them.

Composite wood windows with dual panes, gas insulation, and low-e coating are more energy efficient than vinyl windows. They also provide more thermal transference protection than wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Plus, these windows are much stronger than vinyl, with far superior fastening screw retention.

Get the Look and Feel of Wood Without the Maintenance!

When you put all of these facts together, you can see why composite wood windows are becoming so popular, and they are surprisingly affordable. Plus, we offer easy financing options, so you can improve your home without reaching too deeply into your pockets. If you are ready to set the wheels in motion, you can reach one of our composite wood window specialists right now at 919-241-5259.

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