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Colonial-Style Homes

The Perfect Window Replacements that Match Your Style


Double Hung Windows for Colonial-Style Homes
In Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Chapel Hill, NC, and the Surrounding Areas

Double Hung Windows by Architectural Style: New Windows for Colonial-Style Homes

The colonial period of U.S. history was a formative time before the country was officially formed. During this time a distinctive style of home was created and many examples can still be found in and around Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Colonial-style homes still have a charm and elegance that many desire, and at HomeCraft Windows we have worked with many homeowners to help them continue to showcase this home style, yet updated to feature modern colonial-style windows that also are energy efficient. When you are ready for replacement windows for your colonial-style home, contact our professional team to learn more about all of the options you have.

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What are the Features of a Colonial-Style Home?

Colonial-Style Home

Colonial-Style Windows

When it comes to getting replacement windows for your colonial home, you want to ensure that you get high-quality windows that also look the part. While the main window is commonly a rectangle where you can fit double hung colonial-style windows, the upper part on many windows is an arched piece of glass. Sometimes this is a separate piece and other times this is connected with the main window.

When it comes to your windows, you may notice that in most colonial homes the windows are symmetrical on both sides of the main entrance door. The main door is centered in the middle of the front of the home, and windows are on either side in the same number. Colonial homes also typically have at least two levels and sometimes three levels, and the windows on these upper floors are also symmetrical, save for a single window that is centered over the main entrance door.


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Replacement Windows

When it comes to the replacement windows for your colonial-style home, the double hung windows where both sashes move is the most common.

These fit the openings easily and maintain the look of the home while upgrading the energy efficiency of the windows. In many cases gridwork in the windows will also be desired to help complete the look of the colonial-style windows. Our team at HomeCraft Windows will be sure that your home maintains its look and style with the windows you choose.

Homeowners are rightfully proud of maintaining their old colonial-style homes in Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding areas, and we want to make sure that your replacement windows provide you with years of service while matching the style of your home.

Ready to update your windows for modern energy efficiency benefits with a classic look to match the style of your home?

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