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Composite Siding In Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Durham, and Throughout North Carolina

Your siding has an important job to do. From keeping your home protected from moisture to adding style and charm, composite siding is important to the structure and aesthetic of your home. However, not all composite siding is made the same!

At HomeCraft Windows, we are proud to partner with ASCEND Composite Cladding System to provide attractive and durable options for home siding replacements in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Built for performance, our composite siding options are installed quickly with minimal labor. Using one-of-a-kind composite siding technology, we leave your home looking brand-new again!

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Composite Siding in Raleigh from Ascend in Glacier White

Why ASCEND Composite Siding?


Premium Siding as Low as $199/Month* and $1,500.00 Off on Purchase of 10 Squares (Approx 1000 Sq. Ft.) or More.

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    Whole-Home Siding Replacement

    If you’re siding is warped, cracked, rotted, or just old and outdated it may be time for a whole-home siding replacement. Home siding replacements can update the look, feel, and function of your home. Even if you have small holes and cracks in your siding, whole-home siding is a good idea when you’re installing ASCEND. With its unique engineering, ASCEND is built to last and outperform other whole-home siding replacements, leaving you with minimal maintenance and maximum performance.

    Home with Composite Siding Replacement in Apex, NCASCEND is the superior choice for whole-home siding replacements, and here’s why:

    • 20 low-maintenance color options for a custom look.
    • Hang that covers up small imperfections.
    • Flat face that mimics the look and feel of wood.
    • (GP)² technology for fire safety.
    • Butt edges that replicate a classic wooden look.
    • Simple installation and less labor with stack-lock function.
    • Wind load resistance with reinforced hems.
    • Versatile projection for style and beauty from all angles.

    What Our Customers Are Asking

      1. Been in business and locally operated for 22+ years
      2. You're not subjected to singular options. Multiple options and configurations to select/design
      3. Simplistic warranty material that outlines true coverages, not fine print depicting endless exclusions
    • Price is subjective to what you select and design. Each home and homeowner is a bit different and therefore the selections will be different as well. A cookie cutter or one stop shop product approach is not our goal. Our end goal is for you to get exactly what you want/need and make it an affordable investment in your home.

    • Backed by the best warranty in the industry and serving the greater Raleigh area for over 22 years, your product options are installed by carefully selected professionals that are trained specifically on our offerings. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you'll never spend another penny on this project after we provide these upgrades to your home.

    • We offer a hand-selected line of products that are customizable to fit each of our clients' needs. When offering such customizability, that may add time to the design and production process. Quality materials are also in high demand at this time. You'll have guarantees and reassurance knowing you're selecting nonstandard/non commodity products for your home.

    • Yes, we attempt to be a one stop solution for many homeowners. While we don't offer every trade, we have many interior and exterior project offerings for you to take advantage of. There isn't much better than be able to take care of many projects with one trusted company/team.

    • Our offerings will meet and exceed energy star standards. That is across the board. We will not offer you inferior options that won't add value to your home or put you in a position of being energy deficient compared to where you are today. Everything we offer for your home should increase energy efficiency greatly.


    Premium Siding as Low as $199/Month* and $1,500.00 Off on Purchase of 10 Squares (Approx 1000 Sq. Ft.) or More.

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    Timeless Wood Style & Unmatched Performance

    Composite Siding Built For Performance

    At HomeCraft Windows we are proud to offer quality composite siding technology to homeowners in Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, and the surrounding areas. Ideal for whole-home siding replacement, our composite siding options are composed of glass-reinforced polymers and graphite-infused polystyrene that can withstand harsh elements including wind, flames, smoke, and more!

    In addition to its class A fire rating, our composite siding options from ASCEND is a low- maintenance option that keeps moisture out to prevent warping, swelling, and rotting. Contact us today to chat with an expert about our compote siding options for your home!

    Questions? Contact us for answers.

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    Select from 20 Fade-Resistant Colors

    Composite Siding Color Options

    Composite Siding


    for increased wind load resistance (up to 180 mph)


    for easy installation


    for a Class A Fire Rating and lower expansion


    better replicate look of wood


    is compatible with both standard and architectural accents


    better replicates the look of real wood


    conceals minor wall imperfections


    to match any homeowner’s style

    Real Customer Reviews

    Here at HomeCraft Windows, we pride ourselves on superior customer service – read what our clients are saying about us.

    Eddie Odom

    July 9, 2022

    “Shaun, the representative that came out, was impressively thorough and did a phenomenal job demonstrating the quality products and service provided by HomeCraft.”

    Bryanna Foote

    April 12, 2021

    “We had a great experience! Our initial estimate was easy, well-explained, and didn’t feel salesy, and the follow-up between the estimate and installation was frequent. The installation itself was so much better than we expected. The installers were quick but thorough and left our house cleaner than they found it. Seriously – they swept off our porch and vacuumed our living room when it was all done! We don’t have enough good things to say about this company.”

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