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    The Perfect Window Replacements that Match Your Style

    In the Triangle Area, there are many homes that would fall into the craftsman style of home. These are good quality homes that keep a more simple design, and you can see them all over Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, and the surrounding areas.

    At HomeCraft Windows we can help you get the right windows that match this style with clean lines and simplicity.

    This often includes one of our more popular options with a craftsman-style double hung window, but there are many other replacement window styles that we offer. Contact our team today to learn more about craftsman-style windows for your home.

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    What are the Features of a Craftsman-Style Home?

    If you're seeking replacement windows for your Craftsman-style home in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, or Durham, it's essential to concentrate on the characteristics that embody the timeless appeal of Craftsman architecture. Choosing windows that reflect these distinctive features will guarantee that your selection harmonizes with the warm and inviting ambiance inherent in Craftsman home design.

    Craftsman-Style House with New Windows in Raleigh, NCCraftsman Style Double Hung Replacement Windows in Durham, NC

    Windows for Craftsman-Style Homes

    Many craftsman style homes are approaching 100 years old, and if the windows haven’t been replaced already, it will be something that you want to do. The windows that you add should match the home’s style, and we can help fulfill that with the variety of windows that we carry. Double hung windows in which both sashes can move are a traditional choice as replacement windows for these homes.

    In many cases, homeowners want to have the windows accentuate the decorative elements of the home. One great way to accomplish this is with grids in the windows. There are a variety of grids available that can span one or both sashes in your double hung windows.

    They provide a classic look while giving you the high performance that you expect in modern double hung windows.

    Grids to Match any Modern-Style House

    Single Prairie Double Hung Window
    Cottage 1 Vertical, 1 Horizontal Double Hung Window
    Cottage 2 Vertical, 1 Horizontal Double Hung Window

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    Our Hassle-Free Process

    Enjoy a beautiful, affordable, energy-efficient home the EASY way.

    We will come to YOU to get the process started. To begin, we will measure all your windows and doors. Once your selections are made, we will give you a quote.

    We will present you with a wide array of options, not only for temperature and sound insulation, but also for the look and tint of your windows. We offer a range of styles designed to accommodate your style and budget needs.

    Before starting the project, we will take detailed measurements of your current windows & doors. We will evaluate the new sizes and scope of your project, so there are no surprises down the road.

    Once your custom windows arrive in our warehouse, we will reach out and schedule an installation date. We pride ourselves on the speed and effectiveness of our in-house installation crews.

    Years of guaranteed comfort, energy savings, and lasting beauty will be your new reality. It all comes with our HomeCraft Lifetime Warranty from your premier local window installation company!

    Replacement Windows

    Ready to update your windows for modern energy efficiency benefits with a classic look to match the style of your home?

    Windows have a hard task to perform. They need to fill a large hole that is in the side of your wall, and they need to provide good insulating qualities so that the inside of your home stays at a comfortable level. They also need to provide you with natural sunlight to come through without compromising those insulative qualities. Replacement windows from HomeCraft Windows will fulfill all of these requirements while also matching the look of your craftsman home so that they look like they have always been there.

    When you see signs of a failing window, including visible rotting, peeling, or warping of the window frame, if you have single pane windows that are energy inefficient, if you feel a cold draft coming from around your windows or other issues, be sure to contact our team to talk about replacement windows.

    We have helped homeowners all over Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, and the surrounding areas to save money on energy while having quality craftsman-style windows that go with the home.

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