Window Grids

When you are selecting windows for your home, you should consider the stylistic possibilities that exist with regard to the window grids. They are the strips of material that divide the total pane into smaller sections. These sections are referred to as “lites,” and the grids themselves are sometimes called muntins or grilles.

Grid Pattern Examples

Casement Windows

Single Prairie – Cottage SP-TS-1V2H – Cottage 1H
Cottage 1V1H – Cottage TS-1V1H – Cottage 3H
Cottage TL-1V1H – Colonial 2V3H – Diamond

Double Hung Windows

Cottage 1V1H – Cottage 1V – Cottage 1V
Cottage TS-1V1H – Cottage 2V – Cottage 2V1H
Single Prairie – Single Prairie – Diamond

Internal Window Grids

The preferred type of window grid is the internal grid or muntin. These grids are placed between the panes of glass, so the surfaces of the pane are easy to clean. There are a few different options:





Window Grid Colors

In addition to the various patterns that can be used for decorative purposes, you also have a number of different colors to choose from.

Aeris™ Window Grid Colors

Endure™ Window Grid Colors

Aspect™ Window Grid Colors

EcoLite Window Grid Colors

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