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    Shower Makeover in Cary, NC

    When you are looking to do a bathroom remodel in your Cary, NC, home, have you decided what to do with the bathtub? Maybe you should look to do a shower makeover that will transform your bathroom into something spectacular, and our team at Luxury Bath can help make that happen.

    Luxury Bath is the sister company to HomeCraft Windows and has been helping to upgrade and update bathrooms for more than 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about a shower makeover and the other options you have for your bathroom.

    Shower makeover in Cary, NC, with walk-in showerOne-Day Shower Makeovers in Cary

    When you first talk about doing a shower makeover in your home, you are likely thinking that this will take a couple of weeks to accomplish. You’ll be amazed that in most cases we can perform your shower makeover in just a single day. Our shower makeover projects come with the floor pan, walls, and door ready to go with minor adjustments, making the installation fast and convenient.

    They’re made from one of the most durable high-quality acrylic materials on the market today, which means they won’t crack, chip, or fade. With a choice of custom tile, solid surface or cultured marble wall surrounds plus drain end pans or neo-angle pan options, you can create the ultimate custom shower to accommodate your needs.

    Shower to Tub Conversion in Cary, North Carolina

    Have A Luxury Shower Where Your Tub Was!

    This is perhaps one of the most important and eye-catching features of doing a shower makeover with Luxury Bath. Where you once had a tub and shower combination, you now have a stylish and large walk-in shower. When you want a transformation in your Cary, NC, bathroom, consider doing a shower makeover that will make you smile every time you use it. For a shower makeover that can be completed in as little as one day, contact the remodeling experts at Luxury Bath today.

    The Civil War did not come to Cary until April 16, 1865—the same day Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered—when 5,000 Confederate troops under General Wade Hampton III encamped there. Cary’s population grew after the war with the completion of the Chatham Railroad junction. Cary was incorporated on April 3, 1871, with Allison Page serving as the first mayor. Page left Cary in 1880, following lumber opportunities in Moore County.