Home Window Replacement Costs and Prices in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC, and Surrounding Areas

    Home window replacement costs for every budget and need.

    At HomeCraft Windows, we have created windows to fit our customers’ needs. Over the years we have discovered our customers have a wide range of parameters and differences. Price range, features, energy efficiency, colors, designs, and more are all different in each window installation. As a result, we have developed three levels of windows that meet a combination of desires and needs while still meeting strict standards of increasing your home’s value, lowering energy costs, and adding visual appeal to improve your home’s appearance.

    We know every customer who walks into our showroom is looking for honest answers about window replacement prices and installation. Here are some features and benefits of the various levels of HomeCraft vinyl windows.

    Window replacement costs for Durham, NC, home

    Window Replacement Prices

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    Performance Series

    $ - Low budget windows
    $ - Low budget windows
    $ - Low budget windows

    The Performance series is our opening vinyl window category but that does not mean any corners have been cut or any performance has been compromised.

    This series still has top functionality and features that you won’t find on other entry-level windows.

    We designed this series for customers interested in quality windows with budget-friendly window replacement prices.

    Don’t worry, installing windows in this series will still increase your home value, reduce energy bills, and add visual appeal.

    Check out some of the benefits of these windows:


    Supreme Series

    $ - Low budget windows
    $ - Low budget windows
    $ - Low budget windows

    The Supreme Series is for customers who are looking for some additional features. This series is a great mix of fantastic features with reasonable home window replacement costs.

    When looking for great windows with upgraded style, this could have the features for you. Additional esthetic options add visual appeal to the inside and outside of your home.

    If reducing energy bills is a must on your list, the Supreme Series should be a system you’re ready to learn more about. The Supreme Series includes dual tilt and ½ screens with additional features:


    The Ultimate Series

    $ - Low budget windows
    $ - Low budget windows
    $ - Low budget windows

    When customers come to us needing specific colors, energy efficiency standards, or other high-performance standards, this is the series they tend to install. This high-end series is the ultimate performer in style, energy efficiency, and increased home value. We encourage customers to look at the HomeCraft Windows Ultimate Series as an option that is still an excellent value for home window replacement costs when energy efficiency is taken into consideration.

    For example, the Ultimate series includes triple layering weather stripping and fiberglass insulation.

    For a large home with many windows, these features could make a significant difference in energy bills.

    Window replacement quality and prices comparison

    What U-Values Mean for Windows

    The U-Factor (also known as the U-Value) is a number that represents the rate of heat that can flow through a window’s glazing system.

    A lower U-Factor indicates a better resistance to heat flow resulting in a better insulating value. Having greater insulating values for windows can improve performance, and may decrease heating costs in the winter months, including the late fall to early spring.

    For example, a standard clear, single-pane window has a U-Factor of approximately 0.90, and a standard clear, double-paned window has a rating of only 0.49. This makes the Ultimate series nearly 300% more energy-efficient than a standard double-paned unit.

    Home Window Replacement Costs That Fit Any Budget

    No matter which HomeCraft window series you decide to install in your home, you can be assured you are investing in quality windows with competitive home window replacement costs as compared to other brands. Our extra features and service are what make HomeCraft Windows the best company to increase your home value, with beautiful curb appeal, all while reducing energy bills. We’re so confident in the quality of our windows that they all come with a lifetime warranty.

    If you are looking for home window replacement costs in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, NC, or the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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