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    Bathroom Remodel in Durham, NC

    Bathroom remodel in Durham with walk-in shower and separate tubThere are a number of good reasons why performing a bathroom remodel on your Durham, NC, home is a good idea, including that your family situation has changed, or that you want more storage.

    Whatever your reason is for embarking on a bathroom remodeling project, you want it to be done right and without taking a long time, and our team at Luxury Bath can make it all happen how you want it.

    Luxury Bath is the sister company of HomeCraft Windows, and we work together on many projects where bathroom remodeling also benefits from upgraded windows. Call us today to get started on your bathroom remodel project.

    Bathroom Remodeling and Shower Makeovers in Durham

    Usually when a bathroom remodel is happening, a shower makeover is part of the plan. This could be as simple as just replacing the fixtures in the shower to as extensive as tearing everything out down to the studs and rebuilding things back up. When you are trying to figure out what you should do, it is important to make the bathroom one that is functional for all members of the family. This is because for the majority of the time it is used, a member of the family is the one using it, so it should be tailored to the homeowner’s needs and desires.

    Part of your shower makeover might be to add a walk-in tub where your existing tub or shower is. Walk-in tubs provide a great option for older adults who want to maintain a tub for those times when they would like to use it as such, but it also presents a great way to prevent injuries from losing balance when trying to step over the tub wall.

    Bathroom Conversions in Durham, North Carolina

    You may have heard the term bathroom conversion before, and it is a pretty simple concept. You are converting your tub into a shower area, and people doing bathroom remodel projects in Durham, NC, opt for this bathroom conversion because they no longer use the tub. Not only that, but it is another way to make using the bathroom more efficient and safe for older adults who may have balance issues. From shower makeovers to bathroom conversions and other aspects of a bathroom remodeling project, our experienced team at Luxury Bath and HomeCraft Windows can give you the bathroom that fits your needs.

    A railway depot was established in 1849 on land donated by Bartlett S. Durham, the namesake of the city. Following the American Civil War, the community of Durham Station expanded rapidly, in part due to the tobacco industry. The town was incorporated by an act of the North Carolina General Assembly, in April 1869. A U.S. post office was established at the site of the railroad station on April 26, 1853, now recognized as the city’s official birthday. Durham was known as Durham Station for the first 20 years of the town’s existence.

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