Types of Windows

What are the different types of windows available? Determine what window type offers the best function and design to meet all your wants and needs.

Single Hung Windows

  • Two sections of glass, stationary upper, opens from the bottom
  • Sash tilts in for easy cleaning, basic, straightforward styling

Double Hung Windows

  • Classic look, designed for convenient cleaning
  • Two window sashes, both are movable


  • Sashes move from side to side
  • Contemporary design, ideal for compact spaces

Casement Windows

  • Modern appearance, controlled with handle that can be folded in
  • Single sash, typically opens outward

Awning Windows

  • Single sash, projects outward
  • Upper-hinged, tight seal

Bay Windows

  • Multiple projecting window sections
  • Eye catching dimensional addition

Bow Windows

  • Curved, semicircular multi-window arrangement
  • Provides panoramic view, sweeping, dramatic aesthetic effect

Garden Windows

  • Three dimensional section combination, outward projection
  • Eye catching design provides unique spatial ambience

Picture Windows

  • Strategically placed large-sized stationary window
  • Creates indoor-outdoor aura, plentiful natural light

Geometric Shapes

  • Windows that can be used in combinations to add a unique architectural flavor
  • Offered in a wide range of shapes and sizes

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