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    Balancing Preservation and Efficiency: Replacement Windows that work with Cary’s Heritage Properties

    Replacement Windows for a Cary, NC Reisdence

    Cary, NC is known for the historic homes that are still standing throughout the city, especially in the Carpenter Historic District. While there are homes that are strictly served as museums, there are others that are still used as personal residences. When these historic homes need replacement windows, they call us at HomeCraft Windows to get the right balance of preservation as well as energy efficiency in their replacement windows. We have worked with many different clients who want to maintain the look of their Colonial, Craftsman, or other-style homes, but they also want to have energy-efficient windows to help reduce their heating and cooling costs. Like them, you need to contact us today for our help in getting you the right replacement windows for your home.

    Preserving Your Home’s Style In Cary

    Chances are that you like the style of your home, otherwise, you wouldn’t have bought it. And you want to keep that style going forward, especially when it comes to your replacement windows. Getting energy-efficient windows is important because your windows are the eyes of your home. Our new replacement windows offer better insulation that makes your indoor environment comfortable year-round. This also prevents the use of your air conditioning unit during those long summer days.

    What makes a window energy efficient? Windows that have multiple panes help to slow down the transfer of heat and cold, meaning you are using less energy to heat and cool your home. If you add different gases between the panes this transfer slows down even more. Quality materials that they are made from also help insulate the windows. All of these can be put into energy-efficient windows that also maintain the style of your home.

    Getting The Benefits While Keeping Your Home’s Style In Cary, North Carolina

    Energy Efficient Windows in a Cary, North Carolina Home

    Your Colonial-style home just won’t look the same if you put in windows that are meant for a modern-style home. Single windows are a main feature of these homes in Cary, North Carolina, and our double-hung windows help to preserve this look while giving homeowners the sort of benefits that energy-efficient windows provide. At HomeCraft Windows we work hard to help homeowners balance the need for preservation while also adding efficiency to their home.

    Cary’s historical home styles that we all enjoy should be preserved, but this can happen while also increasing energy efficiency. The creation of the nearby Research Triangle Park in 1959 resulted in Cary’s population doubling in a few years, tripling in the 1970s, and doubling in both the 1980s and 1990s. In the 1750s, John Bradford moved to the area and opened an ordinary inn, giving Cary its first name—Bradford’s Ordinary. We are your top resource for window replacement Cary. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the right windows for your home’s style.