Air Drafts Can Trigger the Need for a Window Replacement

    There are a number of different telltale signs that can let you know that it is time to replace your windows, and drafts are one of them. Sometimes drafts are very noticeable, but there can also be slight leaks that are hard to detect.

    Even a very small air leak or draft can wind up costing you a great deal of money when your heating and cooling bills arrive every month.

    Drafts can come from a few different parts of a window. If you hear rattling, the frame is not secure, and the shaking will invariably create gaps, and they can continually get bigger.

    Downdrafts can be present when cold interior glass meets warm heated air. The area around the window locks can also become compromised as the locking mechanism rusts and/or degrades. Gaps in the seal around the perimeter of old windows are quite common, and there can be cracking as well.

    Bay Window with Seating Area in Living Room in Chapel Hill, NC

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    How Much Can You Save?

    Energy Star is an entity that is supported by the federal government. Their mission is to provide energy efficiency standards as they establish labeling guidelines for manufacturers of products that use energy or impact its consumption.

    Clearly, the quality of the windows and the seals around them will affect the quantity of energy that is consumed to heat or cool a home.

    According to research that has been conducted by Energy Star experts, replacing single pane windows with ES qualified double pane windows can save homeowners as much as $465 per year.

    A New Window will pay for itself over time

    As you can see, an investment in new, energy efficient windows will pay for itself over time when you factor in the lower utility costs, and you increase the value of your home when you upgrade your windows.

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